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Unite to Support

Unite to be Strong





      During 2002-2003, a group of ex-airmen, frequently met, interacted and shared their feelings to support each other. 

          More such like-minded joined this informal group over the ne years . On 14 June 2008, the thirty ex-airmen gathered at Calicut were fully convinced on the need of a bona fide formation to launch and co-ordinate the activities of this association. With the high energy of this thought, it was unanimously declared that -  “We need a platform with objectives as:”
           Unite to Share     *     Unite to Support     *     Unite to be Strong   
         To carry-out this mission, “EAGLES” was born, on the Air Force day of 2008  


Special information

EAGLES' Annivrsary2014

EAGLES  express thier  gratitiude to  the Director, Sainik Wefare board,  all other speical invitees and well wishers for making the function a great success.

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