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      During 2002-2003, a group of ex-airmen, frequently met, interacted and shared their feelings to support each other. 

          More such like-minded joined this informal group over the ne years . On 14 June 2008, the thirty ex-airmen gathered at Calicut were fully convinced on the need of a bona fide formation to launch and co-ordinate the activities of this association. With the high energy of this thought, it was unanimously declared that -  “We need a platform with objectives as:”
           Unite to Share     *     Unite to Support     *     Unite to be Strong   
         To carry-out this mission, “EAGLES” was born, on the Air Force day of 2008  


Special information

New EAGLES Bus Stop at East Hill unction Calicut.

EAGLES bus stop at a very important Junction in Calicut city. A proud Visible presence for us near our Headquaters, Kendriya Vidyalaya and Military Barracks.Formal Inauguration soon.........

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